The last premiere of the season: MOSTLY Mass

Kinetic Orchestra's last premiere of the year will take place at Cultural Centre Stoa the 9th of December. Mostly Mass is a corporeal poem – through sweat, repetition, fumbling, sensitivity and joy this contemporary dance performance gives itself up to bodily instincts and wildness.

Mostly Mass is a piece choreographed together by Kinetic Orchestra's company dancer Sanni Giordani and the working group. The piece is produced in collaboration between Sanni Giordani and Kinetic Orchestra. The production is part of our inner co-production programme, the goal of which is to support the artistic development of the company dancers. The Finnish Cultural organisation, Tero Saarinen Company and Zodiak - Centre of new dance have supported the project.

Performances at the Cultural Centre Stoa:

Thu 9.12. at 7 pm

Fri 10.12. at 7 pm

Sat 11.12. at 1 pm

Sun 12.12. at 1 pm

tickets 11 / 17,50 €

Please note that Covid-19 passport is required at Stoa. Read more:

photo: Jussi Ulkuniemi

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