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Kinetic Orchestra lives from movement. Our collaboration is based on researching, seeking and finding together. Our practice and development is on-going and evermoving

dance company 

Founded in 2009, Kinetic Orchestra is a contemporary dance company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is directed by its founder, choreographer Jarkko Mandelin. Kinetic Orchestra’s mission is to create fascinating and easily accessible dance art with high quality.  The company employs three dancers full-time (Sanni Giordani, Anni Koskinen and Oskari Turpeinen), artistic director (Jarkko Mandelin) and a producer (Sofia Suomalainen) as well as ten to fifteen dancers and artists per year for productions. The company is supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation and the City of Helsinki.    

Kinetic Orchestra is known for its distinctive movement style that combines acrobatic partnering with a strong artistic vision. The power of cohesion, being and moving together as well as a commitment to shared, long-term practice are always showcased in the work in relation to the events taking place around us in the world. Kinetic Orchestra’s values, equality and understanding and a work culture that celebrates diversity and dialogue, guide the company’s way of working. 

The company is known for its distinguished style of movement that combines acrobatic partnering with a strong artistic vision. The company’s annual schedule consists of dance piece productions, touring in Finland and abroad, and of dance workshops that are often organised together with performance events.

Kinetic Orchestra is a registered Auxiliary name of Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha.

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