Co-Productions & visits

Alongside of Kinetic Orchestra's own productions, the company co-produces art pieces in co-operation with other art organisations and companies. Kinetic Orchestra's Artistic director Jarkko Mandelin is also a wanted visiting choreographer. Do not hesitate to contact us if your interested in working with us. 

Besides co-productions, the company runs its own "inner" co-production program KO's co-production and produces every year one new performance piece choreographed by one of the dancers working in the company, The purpose of the program is to support the choreographic development of the company's dance artists and give possibility for the yet unknown, emerging talents to show off their skills. The choreographer of the year 2021 will be Sanni Giordani. 


RED DESERT chor. Mia Jaatinen
KO's co-production 2020

O'DD, Race Horse Company 2020 (Jarkko Mandelin


Kalsarikännit 2020 (dance movie), production Tanssiva susiraja

FRAMES, chor. Iiro Näkki
KO's co-production 2019