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Combining contemporary dance, acrobatics and juggling, this family performance features four speedy Dalton brothers from the Lucky Luke comic book world courting the Wild West. 

There is no lack of emotion, speed and dangerous situations in the Daltons’ exploits, as circus artists Onni Toivonen and Kalle Lehto and the dancing children of Kinetic Orchestra founder Jarkko Mandelin interpret the stories of antiheroes familiar from comics.

The main theme of the Daltons is exclusion and its spirit is wild, exciting, and comical. After all the crazy and slapstick, on the other hand, it shows its own kind of stubborn self-styled outlook on life or even the tragic side of irresponsibility.

The Daltons are a more humorous, ambiguous and high-flying version of The Seven Brothers, where new facets are revealed about four life-shattered but benevolent freakouts when their normal relapse is interrupted by the sudden disappearance of an important family member.

The world of the Daltons is built on dance, circus and comic movement.

Choreography and concept Jarkko Mandelin
Performers Onni Toivonen, Kalle Lehto, Jarkko Mandelin, Lyyli Mandelin, Oiva Mandelin, Rauha Mandelin, Urho Mandelin
Sound design and composing Josu Mämmi and Petri Kautto
Light design Niila Rantala and Jarkko Mandelin
Costumes Jenna Mandelin
Set design Jarkko Mandelin and the working group
Production Kinetic Orchestra and JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre

Age recommendation 5+
Duration circa 45 min

Shows coming up in Helsinki, Cultural Centre Stoa:

Helsinki, 17.5. at 18

Helsinki, 18.5. at 15

Helsinki, 19.5. at 15

Past shows:

Shows in Oulu, Cultural Centre Valve:

Oulu, 1.12. at 18, premiere
Oulu, 2.12. at 18, audience discussion after
Oulu, 3.12. at 15
Oulu, 5.12. at 10

Shows in Helsinki, Cultural Centre Stoa:

Helsinki, 9.12. at 15

Helsinki, 10.12. at 15

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