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22.7. - 3.8.2024


Join us for the two-week long intensive workshop experience FLIP HELSINKI 2024 that is all about movement. The teachers of the course are Kinetic Orchestra's Jarkko Mandelin, Suvi Nieminen and Sanni Giordani, plus our guests - contact improvisation expert Mirva Mäkinen and floor work specialist Heung Won Lee. The course is suited for professionals and students in the fields of dance, circus, and performing arts. 


FLIP can take 40 first registered attendees for both workshop weeks + some extra places for those who want to only join Heung Won Lee’s floor technique workshop. The participants will be divided into two groups that have the same overall courses but in different daily order. You can register for a full 2 weeks or for only one week, or only for Heung Won Lee’s floor technique workshop. 


Daily schedule 22.7. - 3.8.2024 

Training from Mondays to Saturdays, 10:00 - 16:30 (UTC+3 EEST):


Daily schedule:

10.00 - 10.45 Guided warm-up on Tatami

11.00 - 13.00 Slot 1 or 2
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch

14.30 - 16.30 Slot 2 or 1

--> Hanging out + board games


Week 1: 22.7. - 27.7.

Slot 1 Tatami Monday - Saturday: Heung Won Lee’s Floorwork

Slot 2 Studio Monday - Wednesday: Kinetic Orchestra’s Repertoire Workshop, Sanni Giordani

Slot 2 Studio Thursday - Saturday: Kinetic Orchestra’s Partnering, Jarkko Mandelin and Suvi Nieminen


Week 2: 29.7. - 3.8.2024

Slot 1 Tatami, Monday - Saturday: Mirva Mäkinen, Contact Improvisation

Slot 2 Studio Monday - Wednesday: Kinetic Orchestra’s Repertoire Workshop, Sanni Giordani

Slot 2 Studio Thursday - Saturday: Kinetic Orchestra’s Partnering, Jarkko Mandelin and Suvi Nieminen


3.8. End party from 18.00


Workshop Descriptions

Partnering workshop focuses on partnering techniques developed and used in Kinetic Orchestra’s artistic work. Physicality and the ability to adapt into different ways of moving are emphasized during the workshop. Also conventional divisions into flyer-base roles are raised into question and new ways to balance and enrich partnering are being sought.


Repertoire workshop explores movement materials from Kinetic Orchestra’s dance pieces. The workshop includes solo as well as partnering materials and dives into soft, fluid and explosive movement qualities which are characteristic for the company. 


Contact improvisation is based on the communication between two (or more) moving bodies that are in physical contact. This workshop is about learning movement without copying shape or form, but rather to know kinesthetically how to be connected and grounded in dance. What do you know already and how can you re-learn in order to improvise?


Floorwork workshop focuses on finding fluent ways to move on the floor level. The workshop includes traits from breaking, acrobatics and martial arts and guides towards mobile, smooth and creative movement. 

The course fees (including VAT):

540 € for full two weeks 

310 € for one week
180 € only Heung Won Lee’s floorwork workshop


If your bank is not in Finland:

When selcecting payment method scroll down to select the Visa / Mastercard icon. Our provider is likely only able to process credit card payments from abroad. In case you have problems, contact us at and we’ll help you out!



Place: Mekaanikonkatu 17, 00880 Helsinki FINLAND

If you have any questions concerning FLIP 2024, please contact 

Meet the teachers


Jarkko Mandelin is a Finnish choreographer (MA) and founder and Artistic Director of Kinetic Orchestra Dance Company. Mandelin, born in the city of Lahti, has become a well-known choreographer in Finland and has created artistic work in addition to Kinetic Orchestra for companies such as Gruppen Fyra, AB Dance Company, Pori Dance Company and the Finnish National Ballet. He regularly teaches at dance academies and institutes in Finland and abroad. Jarkko is also part of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance SEAD faculty.




Suvi Nieminen is a dancer and dance teacher, graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences with a BA in 2013. After graduation she has been working widely as a dance artist both in Finland and abroad. Suvi is one of the founders of Turku-based MP-collective and has been working with Kinetic Orchestra since 2017. Suvi also works actively as a dance teacher and has a passionate interest in floorwork and partnering techniques.



Sanni Giordani is a Helsinki-based dance artist who graduated with a bachelor in dance from The University of the Arts Helsinki in 2014. She has worked with i.a. choreographers Jarkko Mandelin, Susanna Leinonen and Tuomo Railo. Sanni has also completed master’s studies in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art programme at Aalto University. She has been working with Kinetic Orchestra since 2016. Sanni has created choreographies for Kinetic Orchestra, Pori Dance Company and Vantaa Dance Institute´s special education group.

Mirva Mäkinen is a well known contact improvisation teacher and practitioner in Finland and abroad. She graduated as a Doctor of Dance from University of Arts in Helsinki in 2018 with doctoral research about Somaesthetics of Contact Improvisation. She has been working as a choreographer and as a dancer with Helsinki Dance Company, Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Dance Theater Minimi and Raekallio Corp. During the last 25 years she has been teaching in several international dance schools and professional dance companies including for example Cullberg Ballet in Sweden and MA students in University of the Arts, Helsinki. Mirva believes that making art is based on listening to and encountering each other. It is an open process of interaction and learning, where one can step into the unknown, take risks and try out new ways of doing.   


Heung Won Lee is a South Korean born dancer, movement and acrobatic researcher and choreographer. He has studied dance in The Korean National University of the Arts and worked i.a. in Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, Weiss Dance Theater in Warsaw and Aura Dance Theater in Kaunas. Heung likes to combine different movement techniques in his practice (breaking, martial arts, flow acrobatics, hip hop and improvisation) and wants to share his knowledge through workshops and classes about movement and mobility to other dancers.

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