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Dancer Mandelin lifts his son Urho. Photo by: Aino Huovio


Everybody can be a Superhero no matter the size, style, looks or skills. The world is out there to play and have fun with since unicorns are yet to be found.


Superhero workshops are one example of Kinetic Orchestra's workshops for kids under 6 years of age. In the Superhero workshop, the guardian and the kid can explore together the boundaries of gravity in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. In the workshops the guardian and the kid will do simple acrobatic partnering exercises and develop a common sense of kinaesthetic understanding.


All the exercises are always adapted to the specific skill-level of the participants, so don't worry if dance or acrobatics is not your strongest side.

Superhero workshops are for learning and fun!

Superhero worshops are organised alongside KO's performances for the whole family, Wildlife and Rohkeat. If you are interested in weekly classes together, check Vapaa Tanssikoulu for registering.

logo of a dance school called Vapaa tanssikoulu
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