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Wildlife (2019)

Kinetic Orchestra’s Wildlife is a controlled chaos. The piece is loosely based on the dualistic Commedia dell’arte character Pulcinella whose modern version is embodied by the skilful seven years old dancer Lyyli Mandelin. Pulcinella is a girl who is at the same time smart, nasty, and manipulative, but also sensitive and lonely. The child performers form a vital part of the piece that relies on acrobatic choreography and exceptionally skilful dancing.

Pulcinella's imaginary world is a curious place where life comes across as strange and uncontrollable but also as exciting and full of adventures. The performance gives an opportunity to deal with challenging feelings by bringing forth the quirky world of a childlike mind where actions are irrational and fun, and distant from real life.

The piece suits all ages and continues Kinetic Orchestra’s artistic vision characterised by unique and insightful choreographic language and acrobatic movement technique known from the group’s previous works. Characteristic for this group is colliding and crossing overlapping movement qualities, aggression and humor.


Duration: 45 minutes

Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin

Dancers: Oskari Turpeinen, Sanni Giordani, Lyyli Mandelin, Urho Mandelin, Oiva Mandelin

Lighting Design: Jukka Huitila

Sound Design: Janne Hast

Costume Design: Kirsi Gum

Premier: 11.12.2019 Cultural Centre STOA, Helsinki

Production: Kinetic Orchestra and Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha

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