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Kinetic Orchestra is actively organising workshops and classes in partnering and floor work.  Our popular performance+workshop combos allow for a more deep coming into contact with the movement language of our pieces. Our workshops can be retailed for dancers of different ages and skill sets, from children to professionals.


KO's Partnering workshops dive into techniques behind the specific technique of partnering that is in a key role in Kinetic Orchestra’s dance pieces. In teaching physicality and the ability to adapt into different ways of moving are emphasised. In class also conventional divisions into flyer-base roles are raised into question and new ways to balance and enrich partnering are being sought.

KO's Research&Repertoire workshops go through movement material and practice methods specific to the Kinetic Orchestra dance company. Our movement language is wide-ranging and techniques and styles change at a quick pace. In overall,  the focus is on partnering techniques, acrobatic floor technique and physical contemporary dance.

Weekly workshops

We organise weekly classes at our studio in Helsinki (address Mekaanikonkatu 3 C 08800 Helsinki). The classes are held by Jarkko Mandelin and Kinetic Orchestra's dancers Anni Koskinen, Oskari Turpeinen and Kalle Lähde. 

Open workshops: 

Sunday workshop 18:30-20:30 for professional and advanced non-professional dancers   

Sunday workshops are open for professional and advanced non-professional dancers. You can buy a 10 times or 20 times card for the workshops.  

You can register for the open Sunday workshop here:  

KO's training group: 

On Saturdays 12:00-14:00 for professionals and dancers in professional dance education 

KO's training group is targeted for professional dancers who wish to commit in training with Kinetic Orchestra on weekly basis and for longer periods. The training group is a closed training circle and you can apply to join in by contacting Jarkko Mandelin ( You can buy either a 10 times or 20 times card for the workshops or a season pass (550 €) which allows you to participate all the weekly workshop classes.  

Our studio at Vapaa Tanssikoulu dance school can be found at the address Mekaanikonkatu 3 C, Herttoniemi, Helsinki, Finland.

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