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Frames (2019)

[ frames ] is a physical rehearsal on composition, the movement of bodies and space. The work plays with the oscillation between improvisation, set movement material and movement tasks. How to mold unformed masses of movement into clearly framed dances?

”In composing a dance piece I’m interested in the process of framing, in which proposals turn into decisions. Even though a piece wouldn’t intend to say anything about the world, these decisions still tell their part about those who made the decisions. For me, tracing the thought process of these framings is the meaning of my work both as maker and as spectator.” –Iiro Näkki

Duration: 50 min

Choreography: Iiro Näkki and the working group

Performers: Mikko Makkonen, Mia Jaatinen, Iiro Näkki & Minttu Pietilä


Sound design: Josu Mämmi & Ben Rogers


Lighting design: Mateus Manninen


Set design: Iiro Näkki

Production: Iiro Näkki and Kinetic Orchestra (KO's co-production 2019)

Supported by:  Kordelin 

Premiere: May 2019 Spring Break Festival kulttuurikeskus Stoa Helsinki


19.9.2021 DAnce Current Tampere 

9.-11.5.2022 Manifesti Turku

25.5.2022 Kuopio Dance Festival 

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