ANImals 2016

Animals strives to set free from the rule of human mind researching the emergence of senses, instinct and primitive reactions in movement. An on-going battle, unrivaled physical capacities, the comfort f a pack and on the other hand, the thrill of hunting alone. Can a human get closer to the animal inside?


Kinetic Orchestra's Animals dwells in animal behaviour through the means of movement. The piece continues the series of movement-oriented pieces of the company. In the work partnering, acrobatics and contemporary dance seek their extremes. 
Co-production between Kinetic Orchestra, Skellefteå Dance Centrum & Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha.

Duration: 45 minutes

Age recommedation: 7+

Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin and the working group

Dancers: Anni Koskinen, Sanni Giordani, Mikko Makkonen, Jarkko Mandelin ja Oskari Turpeinen

Lighting Design: MAtias Marklund, Jarkko Mandelin & Juuso Joutsio

Sound Design: Janne Hast

Costume Design: Jenna Mandelin

Climate researcher/consultant: Joonas Merikanto

Premier: 28/11/2018 Hämeenlinna

Production: Kinetic Orchestra 

Producers: Anni Leino, Jarkko Mandelin ja Olga Petterson