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Spring Break Festival brings two brilliant performances to Helsinki's Cultural Centre Stoa 9.-14.5.2023. Get your tickets here:

RAJA (Dividing line) by choreographers Mirva Mäkinen and Katja Mustonen will have its Helsinki premiere at the festival on 9.5. There will only be one performance of RAJA, so make sure to get your tickets! The piece is produced by Dance Theatre Minimi and had its premiere in Kuopio 13.4.2023. RAJA (Dividing line) is a performance for five dancers about being on edge, creating boundaries and overcoming limits. The work also explores those moments when the dividing line disappears. The piece approaches the concept of a boundary primarily as a physical experience but draws inspiration from some social and cultural phenomena while pondering on a more significant symbolic meaning of the borders.

Mostly Mass by Sanni Giordani and working group is Kinetic Orchestra's own co-production and features company dancers Mia Jaatinen, Anni Koskinen, Kalle Lähde, Oskari Turpeinen and Giordani. The piece premiered in 2021 and was very warmly received by audiences, and now this rippling, bursting and joy-filled performance comes back to the Stoa stage. Mostly Mass is a corporeal poem – through sweat, repetition, fumbling, sensitivity and joy this piece surrenders itself to bodily instincts and wildness. It is a rippling world of bodily joy, drift, and noise in which the human body is seen as a constantly reorganising mass, organic and bursting with possibilities.

A partnering workshop will also take place during the festival:

photos: Sampo Jaakkola (RAJA) / Jussi Ulkuniemi (Mostly Mass)


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