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Like There's No Tomorrow @ Dance House Helsinki

Like There's No Tomorrow is coming back to the stage, this time with three shows at Dance House Helsinki in August 2023! Performances 2., 3. and 4.8.2023 on the Pannuhalli stage.

In Like There's No Tomorrow the dancers, things, and objects on stage reorganize, pause into still pictures and transform continuously, creating surreal sculptures and landscapes. The piece is inspired by Philippe Halsman’s iconic photographic work Dalí Atomicus (1948), portraying artist Salvador Dalí flying through the air with three cats and water splashing from a bucket.

Created in close collaboration with the working group, Like There’s No Tomorrow ties seamlessly together sound art, visual abundance and Kinetic Orchestra’s recognizable movement language combining acrobatic partnering and contemporary dance with martial art techniques. Light designer Veli-Ville Sivén’s gravity-defying scenography and costume designer Maria Sirén’s fine art inspired costumes build up a strong visuality on stage. The through-composed soundscape is created by musician Janne Hast together with guitarist Petri Kautto.

Excerpt from a review from last year's premiere at Stoa:

“The soft and viscous movement is like a dream, and nothing seems to be impossible for the four dancers: Anni Koskinen, Kalle Lähde, Suvi Nieminen and Oskari Turpeinen. The contacts are steady and precise, and despite the technically demanding and fast material, the dancing is marked by freedom and ease.” Demokraatti 9.12.2022, Annikki Alku

photo: Mikael Ahlfors


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