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GRAVITY premiers at the Helsinki City Theatre tomorrow 11.11.2021

Gravity will premiere on the small stage of Helsinki City Theatre in November. The dance piece is a collaboration between Helsinki Dance Company and Kinetic Orchestra. The performance joins the continuum of choreographer Jarkko Mandelin's extremely physical and movement-focused dance works with eight dancers.

Premiere Helsinki City Theatre 11.11.2021 19:00 Other performances: 13.11. / 16.11. / 17.11. / 18.11. / 23.11. / 24.11. / 25.11. / 1.12. / 2.12. / 11.12. /15.12.

Duration: 50 minutes

Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin & the working group

Dancers: Sanni Giordani, Jyrki Kasper, Anni Koskinen, Kalle Lähde, Heidi Naakka, Mikko Paloniemi, Justus Pienmunne, ja Oskari Turpeinen

Scenography: William Iles

Sound Design: Janne Hast

Costume Design: Elina Kolehmainen Choreographer's assistant: Suvi Nieminen

Production: Helsinki Dance Company and Helsinki City Theatre

Tickets from here:

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