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Gravity in Tanzmesse's Open Studio Programme on 2 September

Gravity will be a part of the Open Studio programme at Tanzmesse and excerpts from the piece will be presented by Kinetic Orchestra at tanzhus nrw on September 2nd at 2 pm and 4 pm. Kinetic Orchestra dancers Anni Koskinen, Sanni Giordani, Oskari Turpeinen and Kalle Lähde as well as producer Sofia Suomalainen will take part in the Tanzmesse together with the group’s artistic director and choreographer Jarkko Mandelin.

Gravity, a high-paced and physical performance for eight dancers, premiered at the Helsinki City Theatre 11.11.2021 and is a co-production with Helsinki Dance Company.

Jarkko is excited about the opportunity to showcase both the group and the performance at Tanzmesse: “We have a strong desire to tour more internationally as a group. In addition to performing for larger audiences, touring is about the exchange of ideas. We often organise workshops as an extension to the performances and meet new people and other dancers on our trips which energises us and keeps the mind fresh. All of this eventually makes its way into artistic thinking as well.”

photo: Gravity 2021 (c) Petra Tiihonen


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