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Flip was organised already for the 4th time

Thank you to all the amazing participants and dancers!!!<3

Flip is Kinetic Orchestra’s intensive course in partnering and contact improvisation aimed towards professionals and people studying to become professionals in dance and circus. For the first time ever, the course was extended to cover two weeks with 67 participants from nine different countries.

The workshop teachers this year were Jarkko Mandelin with Kinetic Orchestra dancers Anni Koskinen and Oskari Turpeinen, contact improvisation expert Mirva Mäkinen and floorwork virtuoso Akira Yoshida. Flip concluded with an after party for all the participants with dancer and dj Softis (Noa Kekoni) setting the atmosphere.

Flip is a way of sharing information gathered during a whole year of working with partnering and floorwork with a larger group of people, and the teachers also always learn something new from the participants. The community created during the course and the spirit of doing things together plays an important part in Kinetic Orchestra's year.

Next year the course will be organised in the same time period at the end of July and registration for the course opens in January. This autumn a short weekend course Late Flip will take place 26.-28.10.2022.


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