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Mostly Mass

premiere STOA  9.12.2021

Mostly Mass is a corporeal poem – through sweat, repetition, fumbling, sensitivity and joy this contemporary dance performance gives itself up to bodily instincts and wildness. 

The dancers of Kinetic Orchestra have worked for a long time, researching themes such as partnering, touch and acrobatic movement.

Choreography:  Sanni Giordani & the working group

Performers: Sanni Giordani, Mia Jaatinen, Anni Koskinen, Kalle Lähde, Oskari Turpeinen

Sound Design: Josu Mämmi
Light Design: Veli-Ville Sivén

Production: Kinetic Orchestra, Sanni Giordani

Photos: Jussi Ulkuniemi

Duration: 50 minutes

Thank you for support: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Tero Saarinen Company, Zodiak - Centre of new dance

premiere Cultural Centre Stoa Helsinki 9.12.2021 19:00

Other performances: 10.12. 19:00 / 11.12. 13:00 / 12.12. 13:00  

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