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Like There's No Tomorrow

premiere STOA  7.12.2022

Choreography and Concept Jarkko Mandelin and working group

Dance Anni Koskinen, Suvi Nieminen, Kalle Lähde and Oskari Turpeinen


Light Design and Set Design Veli-Ville Sivén


Composition and Sound Design Janne Hast


Musicians on the recording Janne Hast and Petri Kautto


Costume Design Maria Sirén


Dressmaker Anja Behm


Producers Sofia Suomalainen, Sanni Giordani


Production Kinetic Orchestra


Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, City of Helsinki

Like There´s No Tomorrow is inspired by Philippe Halsman’s photographic work Dali Atomicus from 1948. The weightless nature and exact timing of the photo have made it an iconic work of art – and for a good reason. Three cats, water, artist Salvador Dali and wooden objects all captured flying through the air create a chaotic moment, which at the same time appears entirely planned.


For me, a moment such as the one captured in Dali Atomicus – absurd yet logical, and combining a multitude of ideas into a single image – holds something special. In a way I am striving for similar multi-layeredness with Like There´s No Tomorrow. As surrealism is allowed to define the way of performing and the motives behind actions, different layers are brought out in the performance through physical brilliance, humorous happenstances and reactions and at times almost gruellingly physical challenges. We think of the work as five tableaus, each with their own atmosphere and dynamic. Even though each scene has its own stylistic parameters, the creation process has been rather free and open. The challenge was to find modes of physical expression that are stylistically, skill-wise and rhythmically appropriate to this specific work. The surrealistic background allowed for space for all kinds of experiments, and many of them made their way into the final piece.


Throughout the process, we worked with our team of designers exceptionally closely to build a coherent visual world that would integrate the different media and make the piece into a unified whole. The different worlds of the piece have largely been built on Janne Hast’s sound design, which was practically finished when rehearsals started with the dancers.


Even though the process of creating this work has once again taken up the whole autumn and two pieces’ worth of movement material has been cast aside in the process, along with a number of other ideas, I am exceedingly proud of where we have arrived with the work. A warm thank you to the entire working group and to our loved ones at home.


Thanks to Jenna, Sanni, Sofia, Anni, Suvi, Kalle, Oskari, Maria, V-V, Janne, Petri, Antti, Laila and the entire team at Stoa. 

-Jarkko Mandelin 5.12.2022


7.-11.12.2022 Stoa Helsinki

16.12. Villa Rana Jyväskylä

18.12. Itak-näyttämö Kuopio
21.12. Manilla Turku

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