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Spring Break starts today

Spring Break Festival is organised this week at the cultural centre Stoa Helsinki. Spring Break is a small, one-week festival that centers around movement art. The festival is organized by Kinetic Orchestra and held at the Cultural Centre STOA 9.-15.5. This year, Spring Break will feature three performances which are all yet unseen by a live audience in Helsinki: Mia Jaatinen and Kinetic Orchestra's Red Desert, Kinetic Orchestra's Mistakes and Race Horse Company's O'DD.

RED DESERT | 9.5. at 19.00, 10.5. at 19.00 and 11.5. at 18.00, tickets 11 / 18,50 €

Red Desert is a dance performance for three dancers co-created by Mia Jaatinen and the working group. The performance explores the imagery of aggression and womanhood, and it is inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés' book Women Who Walk With Wolves (1992).

MISTAKES | 12.5. at 19.00, 13.5. 19, and 14.5. at 13:00, tickets 11 / 18,50 €

Mistakes explores the manifestation of missteps and preferences on the stage. In this choreography of Jarkko Mandelin, five dynamic and highly skilled dance artists share the stage with three musicians resulting in electrifying and amusing encounters. Ultimately, Mistakes is simply a pure physical burst of joy, dance, and music. performances

O'DD | 15.5. at 17:00, tickets 15 / 20 €

Race Horse Company's O’DD is a contemporary circus performance that addresses the human drive towards change in the midst of powers larger than individual.

Trampoline-wizard Rauli Dahlberg’s solo performance O’DD will transport the audience into a futuristic reality. Dahlberg is accompanied on the stage by the musician and pioneer of live-looping, Miro Mantere, and the audio-visual spectacle is completed by the dream-like visuals of light designer Jere Mönkkönen.

You can also buy a combo ticket (30 / 40 €) to all three performances.

More about the performances:


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