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spring break 2024 festival programme published!

This year the festival will feature three performance evenings and workshops for professional dancers and advanced movers. Get your tickets here:

Visiting artists Akira Yoshida & Lali Ayguadé bring a duet Together To Get There, offering a recount of human nature. ”An encounter between two, a hug, the feeling of the other, communication without words, the feeling of time immersed in a world created between two. A mutual support. A time that expands and stops as if it would never end.

A transformation, a shift. Parts begin to fall, others to hold. That instant is forgotten and differences come to light; opposite poles, fragility and strength; the letting go and the desire for control. Balance and instability. The true human nature.”

Kinetic Orchestra & JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre’s co-production Daltonit offers performances for the whole family over the weekend. Speed, danger and emotion are not lacking from the adventures of the Dalton brothers, when circus artists Onni Toivonen and Kalle Lehto, joined by Kinetic Orchestra’s founder Jarkko Mandelin’s dancing children, interpret the story of these comic book anti-heroes. Daltonit had a premiere in November 2023 and was warmly received by the audience. "Daltonit is a sparkly experience that brightens up your day." -Eeva Kauppinen, Kaleva, 5.12.2023 

The co-evening of two pieces from Turku Youth Company and Laajasalo Folk High School’s dance programme introduces young professional dancers and dance students. Turku Youth Company (TYC) is a contemporary dance group from Turku aiming to bridge the gaps between dancing recreationally, in professional studies, and professionally. ON THIN ICE, choreographed by Kinetic Orchestra's dancer Suvi Nieminen, is a bodily voyage to the edges of exhaustion. How does life feel when the road is too heavy, but the wheels keep rolling and everyone else takes it on too? When the world roars and societal structures wobble, can we still trust someone to pull us up if we fall?

Laajasalo Folk High School’s dance programme was initiated this year in collaboration with Kinetic Orchestra dance company.The piece part of this co-evening will be made as a part of Dancer’s work in a production -course, during which students will experience working as a dancer in practice. The piece will be choreographed by Kinetic Orchestra's dancers Sanni Giordani and Mia Jaatinen during the spring season. Information about the piece will be published later.

The festival also offers series of workshops for professional dancers and advanced movers from Saturday 18.5 to Wednesday 22.5. Workshops include floor work, contemporary dance and partnering classes from visiting artists Akira Yoshida and Lali Ayguadé, Kinetic Orhcestra's artistic director Jarkko Mandelin and dancers Oskari Turpeinen and Sanni Giordani. Find more info about the workshops, schedule and registration:


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